Why CameraBridge?

Features and Benefits of our Camera Shoulder Mounting Systems

There are many features and benefits you’ll enjoy when using the CameraBridge. First of all, you’ll be able to shoot steadier images more easily, for visibly better results. You can shoot more comfortably when mobility is important, yet return to your tripod quickly when needed.

You can improve video and audio quality because you can easily mount and conveniently use all sorts of production accessories and equipment, more securely than ever before. The CameraBridge enables improved portability since you can arrange system components so they optimally counter-balance the entire payload for greater productivity and safety.

Minimizes Operator Fatigue

The CameraBridge will enhance your video production work by reducing fatigue during extended hand held operations often required on ENG or EFP assignments. Its ergonomic design and flexibility enables you to operate more effectively in a wide variety of shooting situations.

Provides Cushioned Front and Rear Grips

The grip handles are great for mobile, hand-held shooting, and are removable with simple tools for more compact operation or transit. Need to set your system down between shots? Go ahead. The grip handles keep the CameraBridge deck off the ground or other flat surface. The handles also allow you to easily set down and then pick up your system to begin shooting again. With adjustable leveling feet, you can even use the CameraBridge in its stationary, free-standing mode, when there is no room or time to set up your tripod.

Allows Quick System Adjustments and Changes

Camera menu settings and adjustments, media swaps, and battery changes can be performed between takes without setting your system down using the secure padded strap during portable operations.

Enables Quick and Secure Accessory Attachments

A system of attachment points permit more direct interface of additional equipment you want in the right place for convenience and efficiency. Lights, microphones, wireless receivers, batteries, flash or disk drives, audio recorders, single or dual remote camera controls, signal converters and processors, and other external auxiliary devices are easily added or removed by using thumb or set screws to positively secure your equipment.

Features Lightweight and Rugged Design

The CameraBridge stands up to the rigors of field production. Constructed of durable, rigid, and weather-resistant materials and components, the CameraBridge is a lightweight support system you can transport and use just about anywhere shooting assignments take you, including harsh environments.

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