Introducing the CameraBridge

Suffering from hand, wrist or forearm fatigue from using your video camera system? Want to reduce camera shake and vibration during handheld shooting?  Now you can with the new CameraBridge—the perfect stabilizing mount and production tool for videographers and photographers. With its adjustable, hands-free shoulder support, the CameraBridge gives you the stability and control other hands-free support lack.

Better Stability and Control for Digital Video Camera Systems

Created to accommodate video cameras of all sizes, the CameraBridge provides counter balanced weight distribution to enable improved image stability, and better control of the camera and recording equipment as well as any production accessories. Each CameraBridge has unique patent-pending features that have been developed over several years into thoughtfully designed, continually improved and exceptionally useful models, after extensive field use.

Developed Express TeleVideo is proud to introduce the CameraBridge, a series of highly configurable, lightweight mounting systems for DV and HD cameras that transform handheld systems into shoulder-mounted configurations, and can quickly attach to tripods for studio-like use when needed.

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