Custom Camera Mounting Systems

Need to stabilize your images and reduce camera shake while shooting video? Need to add all sorts of production accessories to your camera package? Having problems with hand, wrist and forearm fatigue when operating your video camcorder or DSLR? Now you can solve these and other problems with the new CameraBridge—a versatile, rugged video production support system for videographers and photographers.

With its easy to adjust grip handles, shoulder pad and movable quick release, the CameraBridge gives you the stability, mounting options and control other hand held camera supports lack.

The CameraBridge extends the functionality of the camera operator who manages an array of equipment while shooting and recording video and audio during ENG and EFP assignments. It quickly mounts to a tripod for studio-like use when needed. Fast adjustments, or reconfigurations that take just minutes allow you to create comfortable, counterbalanced weight distribution.

The effect? Greatly improved image stability, better camera control, and easier integration of all the production accessories and equipment you use today and will need in the future.

Greater Stability and Better Control for Digital Video Camera Systems

Sized to fit video cameras of all sizes, the CameraBridge provides counter balanced weight distribution to increase operator comfort, enable improved image stability, and provide better control of the camera and attached production accessories. Each CameraBridge model has unique patent-pending features that have been developed over several years of extensive field use into thoughtfully designed, continually improved and exceptionally useful camera support systems.

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